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Accessible Techology for VetMed Professionals.


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Baxter is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot designed specifically for veterinary professionals. You can talk to Baxter in layman's terms or professional medical language to support you the following tasks and more. 

Clinical Support

Ask Baxter for guidance with your clinical practice. He can generate DDx lists, develop diagnostic plans, and so much more.

Save Time

Writing discharges, SOAPs, and client summaries is easier with Baxter. Give him the important details and he will do the rest!

Learn More

Whether it is a refresher on a common subject or learning an obscure topic for the first time, Baxter is an excellent tool for the forever learner. 

In Development

Global Slide Scanning - Mobile

Our future slide scanning app that offers a practical way to digitize microscope slides. With just a video taken from your mobile phone, the app can create a detailed, navigable image of the slide. This tool is designed to assist veterinary professionals in storing, saving, and sharing microscopic images with greater ease and flexibility.

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Automated Fecal Float Analysis

We are in the process of developing a fecal parasite detector. This innovative application will allow you to use mobile phone video to detect and classify parasite eggs in fecal samples. This tool is poised to enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline the process of parasite identification. Stay tuned for updates as we refine this technology.

Blood Smear Interpretation

In development is our blood smear interpreter app, which is set to offer a significant advancement in low-cost hematology analysis. Using just a mobile phone, the app will interpret blood smears, identifying and performing a differential count of the various blood cells. This tool aims to be an efficient low cost alternative to the traditional CBC . Keep an eye out for further progress on this promising application.

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